Richard Dinnen

The Gulf Croaker March 2022 edition

Download the latest Gulf Croaker magazine for all the latest on the Gulf Region and Gulf Savannah NRM. We’re featuring inspirational Gulf women for International Women’s Day.

GPS cattle monitor trial in the Gulf region

Our E-Beef project is trialling Ceres Tags on bulls at Eveleigh Station near Mount Surprise. The tags are a world first direct to satellite tag, sending location, movement and animal health data.

They can run for 10 years without a battery change.

How to help bees and insects to help you

How to attract and encourage native bees and insects at your place. Our Powerful Pollinators project shows how bees and insects can help your farm. Get insects working for you by pollinating your produce.

Download our Powerful Pollinators information brochure.

Latest Gulf region seasonal climate outlook

Our Gulf wet season is off to a good start in many places, with cyclone Tiffany and the monsoon dropping some good rain here and there.

What’s next? Well, our John McLachlan has been working the forecast models, measuring the Madden Julian Oscillation and the Equatorial Rossby waves to bring you the latest on the Gulf region weather for the next few weeks.

Thumbs up for Gulf Savannah NRM

An independent review of Gulf Savannah NRM says the organisation is delivering results for Gulf region communities, building capacity and developing strategic partnerships.

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