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Gulf Savannah NRM

We’re a non-profit company and a registered charity, working with people and communities to create opportunities for current and future generations in the Gulf region. Our projects help strengthen communities and industries. We cultivate living landscapes to support local livelihoods.

The Gulf Savannah NRM team works from offices in Georgetown, Croydon, Normanton and Mareeba, connecting science, technology and landcare to improve productivity for farmers and graziers. We balance social, economic and cultural interests and maintain environmental values and healthy ecosystems.

Our projects include regenerative farming, healthy soils, Indigenous partnerships, new technologies for agriculture, grazing business resilience, environmental education, and advocacy for better telecommunications for the region.


Women of the Gulf – Kathy Rowling

On International Women’s Day, meet Kathy Rowling. Gulf farmer, leather worker, community champion and very good company.

Women of the Gulf – Crystal Leonardi

On International Women’s Day, meet Crystal Leonardi, mum, author, publisher, motivational speaker.

Women of the Gulf – Erica Hughes

On International Women’s Day, meet Erica Hughes, creator of the virtual produce market Farmer Meets Foodie.

The Gulf Croaker March 2022 edition

Download the latest Gulf Croaker magazine for all the latest on the Gulf Region and Gulf Savannah NRM. We’re featuring inspirational Gulf women for International Women’s Day.

Glider project encourages Etheridge teens to sciences

Gulf Savannah NRM is backing a project to encourage Etheridge Shire teenagers to pursue careers in the STEM fields – science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

What’s next for the wet? Latest seasonal climate outlook

It’s been a good start to the wet season across most of the Gulf region, but what’s next? Our John McLaughlin has been crunching the latest climate data to bring you this video update for the Gulf.

GPS cattle monitor trial in the Gulf region

Our E-Beef project is trialling Ceres Tags on bulls at Eveleigh Station near Mount Surprise. The tags are a world first direct to satellite tag, sending location, movement and animal health data.

They can run for 10 years without a battery change.

How to help bees and insects to help you

How to attract and encourage native bees and insects at your place. Our Powerful Pollinators project shows how bees and insects can help your farm. Get insects working for you by pollinating your produce.

Download our Powerful Pollinators information brochure.

Latest Gulf region seasonal climate outlook

Our Gulf wet season is off to a good start in many places, with cyclone Tiffany and the monsoon dropping some good rain here and there.

What’s next? Well, our John McLachlan has been working the forecast models, measuring the Madden Julian Oscillation and the Equatorial Rossby waves to bring you the latest on the Gulf region weather for the next few weeks.

Thumbs up for Gulf Savannah NRM

An independent review of Gulf Savannah NRM says the organisation is delivering results for Gulf region communities, building capacity and developing strategic partnerships.


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Paint & Graze

Saturday 28 May


Tackling Regional Adversity

This is a grassroots project based in Croydon Shire, addressing social isolation, despondency and lack of services that people experience in remote communities.

Our project coordinator is based in Croydon, working with a steering committee  of community members to deliver a series of events.

Croydon Food Security Strategy

Improving access to affordable healthy food for the people of Croydon Shire. We’re working with providers and supply chains to improve food security and to promote household self-reliance in this small remote community.

Remoteness and climate are real daily challenges to food security in Croydon Shire. We’re building on earlier engagement to find solutions.

Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitation

Our Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator promotes sustainable agriculture, supporting farmers, industry and community groups  to adopt new and innovative sustainable agriculture practices. Funded and supported by the Australian Governments Regional Land Partnerships program.

Living With Fire in Mareeba Shire

A project to help residents of Mareeba Shire prepare for and deal with fire in our region. Fire is part of life here. Our project helps people share their experiences, and draws on local knowledge to inform planning, preparation, and risk management. Funded under the Community Development Program, which is jointly funded under the Commonwealth/State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements.

Litter Quitter

We’re taking eco-products expert Diane Creasey from Enviromart Australia around the region, helping local businesses adapt to the Queensland ban on single use plastics. Diane helps businesses identify affordable, environmentally friendly alternatives. Supported by the Queensland Government Community Sustainability Action grant program.

Healthy Farming Soils

Promoting farm-scale worm farming and the use of biological soil ameliorants in agricultural settings. Ameliorants are substances that help plant growth by improving the physical condition of the soil. Supported by Smart Farms Small Grants, part of the Australian Government National Landcare Program.

Powerful Pollinators

Promoting bee keeping and the importance of beneficial insects in horticultural systems. Pollinators are essential for agriculture and healthy landscapes. We show farmers the important role of pollinator species and host plants, and how to increase pollinator numbers on their farm. Supported by Smart Farms Small Grants, part of the Australian Government National Landcare Program.

Drop in the Bucket: Citizen Scientists Monitoring Water Quality

This project provides important water quality and ecosystem health data for rivers in our region. Citizen scientists use observational methods to assess the health of our river systems. Supported by the Queensland Government.

Climate Mates

Climate Mates is part of the Northern Australia Climate Program, helping graziers better manage drought and climate risks. We help graziers use forecasts and adopt new climate tools to make informed management decisions. Supported by the Queensland Government Drought and Climate Adaptation Program and Meat and Livestock Australia.

Prickly Acacia Management

This thorny shrub or small tree encourages erosion, threatens biodiversity, decreases pastures, and forms dense thickets that interfere with stock movement. Preventing spread is a high priority. Our project supports landholders through education, awareness, and on-ground control. Project supported by the Australian Government.

Grazing Futures

Supporting grazing business resilience by assisting recovery from extreme climate events and improving future preparedness. It’s funded through the Drought & Climate Adaptation Program, building strong partnerships between regional NRM organisations and the Queensland Department of Agriculture & Fisheries.

Remote Food Gardens

This project helps schools in the Gulf region start and maintain kitchen gardens, with a focus on sustainable gardening methods, health and nutrition. Students grow fresh food and learn about agriculture. School garden programs promote social inclusion and successfully engage students from diverse backgrounds. Funded by Northern Queensland Primary Health Network.

E-Beef Smart Farms

This project shows how innovative technologies can improve livestock performance and pasture data, leading to better informed management decisions. This leads to improved natural resources condition and boosts the financial viability of regional grazing businesses. Funding for the project is from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program and the Queensland Government Drought and Climate Adaptation Program.

Biodiversity Bright Spots – Woodlands

We work with Traditional Owners, land managers, scientists and government to support recovery of the endangered Golden-shouldered parrot. Found in our tropical savannah woodlands and open grasslands, but under pressure from predators and land use changes. Project supported by Regional Land Partnerships, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

Healthy Farming Futures

Helping farmers develop better soil management practices to address acidification, carbon decline, and erosion. We’re building skills and confidence, helping farmers improve their soil for long-term resilience. The project operates in the Mareeba-Dimbulah and Gilbert River Irrigation Areas. Project supported by Regional Land Partnerships, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

Gulf Rivers Riparian Improvement Program

The Gulf Rivers Riparian Improvement Program addresses sediment loss and native vegetation condition in the Gilbert River catchment with strategic works and building landholders skills and knowledge. The Gilbert is part of northern Australia’s largest river system. Project funded by the Queensland Government Natural Resources Investment Program.

Gulf Savannah NRM supports the Sustainable Development Goals

Gulf Savannah NRM supports the Sustainable Development Goals

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