Thumbs up for Gulf Savannah NRM

An independent review says Gulf Savannah NRM is delivering results for regional communities and stakeholders.

The review, by consultants Andrew Drysdale and Peter Hilbig,  measured our organisation against the Performance Excellence Guide for Natural Resource Management Organisations.

The review says Gulf Savannah NRM has a well-respected, energized and committed staff team.  The Board and senior leadership team is providing a solid foundation for the organisation.

Gulf Savannah NRM is producing results, particularly in the areas of community and stakeholder satisfaction, innovation, building capacity, and developing strategic partnerships.

The review calls us a “revitalised” organisation, with a focus on project delivery. It says our high-level strategies and plans are an opportunity to build financial security and consolidate recent gains. The review said our staff are a highly motivated, professional team, with stakeholders and investment partners recognising their professionalism.

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