How to help bees and insects to help you

Insects help you grow fruit and other produce. European honeybees, native bees and other insects are vital for Australian agriculture and horticultural industries. They carry pollen between plants,allowing them to reproduce.

Pollinators provide this essential service on your property and in your garden every day, but they need your help. They struggle in our in our modified landscapes because of reduced areas to nest and feed. Widespread pesticide use makes native bees more vulnerable to disease.

You can support and help increase populations of native bees and other beneficial insects on your property with a few simple steps. Our Powerful Pollinators project brings people together to share knowledge about the benefits of bees and insects, and ways to attract them to your property and help them stay.

We’ve made an easy to use information brochure, with tips about creating and maintaining healthy habitats, providing food sources and choosing plants that will encourage bees and insects.

Have a look. And please contact project coordinator Sarah Stevens if you’d like to know more about Powerful Pollinators.

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