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Grazing with Nature

We know that grazing practices have a big impact on land condition as well as the beef business’ bottom line. But how does it influence the abundance and diversity of wildlife across the grazing landscape? Using a combination of motion sensor cameras, bio-acoustic recording and ants as an indicator, the team at Gulf Savannah NRM is on a quest to find out.

The Greatest of Gliders

Up to the late twentieth century, Greater Gliders (Petauroides volans, meaning ‘flying rope-dancer-like’) were thought of as one common species of gliding possum, distributed along Australia's far east from Bundaberg to Victoria. In 2020, advanced genetic taxonomical research revealed that what was previously thought to be one species was actually three distinct species: Southern (P.volans, east Victoria and east NSW), Central (P.armillatus, southeast Queensland) and Northern (P.minor, northeast Queensland) Greater Gliders.

Northern Quolls: Surviving or Thriving?

Northern quoll numbers dropped dramatically when cane toads spread through northern Australia. A new project will trial conservation methods to address this at Brooklyn Wildlife Sanctuary near Mt Carbine on the Mitchell River, with grant funding from the Australian Government’s Environment Restoration Fund.

Change for the better

The Containers for Change scheme recycling depot at Normanton has attracted strong community support across the region. Two years in, a million containers have been recycled.

Working together to build brighter futures for grazing

Project officer Keerah Steele recently travelled south for FutureBeef's GrazingFutures program catch-up, and met her beef leadership mentor Richard Cox.

Savannah Bash a hit in Croydon

Croydon came alive with fun, festivities, dancing and a healthy dose of wellbeing for Savannah Bash.


Gulf Croaker Oct 2022 Cover

Gulf Croaker October 2022

The front cover of the new-look Gulf Croaker magazine from Gulf Savannah NRM. Our feature story this time is about the people working for fire safety in Mareeba Shire.

Gulf Croaker December 2021

Gulf Croaker

Gulf Croaker July 2022


Gulf Croaker March 2022


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