GPS cattle monitor trial in the Gulf region

New and emerging technologies continue to present big opportunities for graziers and the cattle industry. We’re currently trialling one of them at Eveleigh Station near Mount Surprise.

Ceres Tags are a world-first direct to satellite smart ear tag for livestock. They can run for over 10 years without a battery change, continuously monitoring animal behaviour, health and welfare. The data can be monitored on an easy to use dashboard, informing your herd management decisions.

Watch our video for an update on the Ceres Tag trial. And get in touch with Keerah Steele for more information about the E-Beef project. This project shows how innovative technologies can improve livestock performance and pasture data, leading to better informed management decisions. This leads to improved natural resources condition and boosts the financial viability of regional grazing businesses.

The E-Beef project is supported by a partnership between Southern Gulf NRM, Desert Channels Queensland, Gulf Savannah NRM and  Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Funding for the project is from the Australian Government National Landcare Program and the Queensland Government Drought and Climate Adaptation Program.

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