Get the buzz. Powerful Pollinators are our friends

Farming is hard work, but help is available. Get native insects working for you. Bees and insects are pollinators. They carry pollen between plants, and that’s how plants reproduce. Without insects, plant life would not survive.

Having a diversity of native bees and insects in your paddock or orchard increases the amount of pollination that can occur. Increased pollination means improved crop and produce yields. And there’s another reason you should encourage native bees and insects around your farm. Some of them repel pest insect species, protecting your produce.

Our Powerful Pollinators project shows you how to attract the right bees and insects. It will support you to set up and maintain healthy pollinator habitats. We’re holding events around the Gulf region as part of the project. Contact us to register your interest.

Our recent beekeeping workshop was a wonderful event. Lots of people came gathered at Ringers Rest in Mareeba for a day of learning about hive management and care, common pests and diseases. A big thank you to all involved.

Get in touch with Sarah Stevens for more information. 07 4092 1088 or

The Powerful Pollinator project is supported by Smart Farms Small Grants, through funding from the Australian Government National Landcare Program


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