New look for an old friend – Meet Gulf Savannah NRM

We’re proud to unveil our new name, and our new look. Northern Gulf Resource Management Group is now Gulf Savannah NRM.

CEO Zoe Williams said the company name and logo have changed, but our purpose and mission remain the same.

“We have the same dedicated team, working across the region, with and for our communities.

“Gulf Savannah NRM will continue to deliver programs and create opportunities for local people, industry and communities.

“The old name, Northern Gulf, told you where we are. The new name says more about the country here. It’s about the golden plains, the dirt roads, the brilliant sunsets of our region.”

The new logo, designed locally, also reflects the savannah country, and it retains one element from the old design, the lotus flower.

“It’s a powerful symbol of this region. We see them in our beautiful wetlands. To me, they represent the connection between land, water, and air,” Zoe said.

Northern Gulf Resource Management Group was registered as a company in 2003, building on landcare and Indigenous initiatives during the 1990s. The company has grown over the years, and now has teams working from offices in Georgetown, Croydon, Normanton and Mareeba.

The original name uses Resource Management Group to describe our work. That’s now NRM – standing for natural resource management.

“The NRM part, it tells you more about what we do. NRM works where community, industry and environment meet,” Zoe said.

“That’s always been our main purpose. The new name says it better. It’s about using natural resources sustainably, to make a living, to build industries.

“We connect communities with science and government to create opportunities for current and future generations.”

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