Living With Fire in Mareeba Shire

We’ve launched a project to help Mareeba residents prepare for and deal with fire in our region. Fire is part of life in Mareeba Shire. We need to be sure we’re doing the planning, preparation, and risk management, to ensure we’re ready for the challenges of fire season.

Mount Molloy Fire Forum

The project kicked off with a fire forum at Mount Molloy on August 29, with 30 locals gathered at the Rural Fire Brigade shed. Expert presenters spoke about their experiences with fire: serving in the Rural Fire Brigade, working on planned burns and bushfires in Kuranda National Park, Wetherby Station, Brooklyn Sanctuary, and in the broader Mareeba Shire. It was rewarding to share their knowledge, experience, their challenges and successes. We loved hearing how neighbours work cooperatively to protect communities from fire, and about Mount Molloy Rural Fire Brigade First Officer Bill McKerlie tirelessly maintaining the local fire break on his trusty D4.

Planned burns are a key part of management strategy. We all agreed they must be carefully planned, worked on cooperatively, and delivered with care. Strategies must adapt to changing circumstances and improve over time.

This was the first in a series of fire forums to be held as part of the Living With Fire in Mareeba Shire project. If you’re interested in a future forum or would like to get your community involved, contact project officer Jackie McLeod:, 0449 255 344.

A big thank you to our fantastic and knowledgeable presenters – Rob Miller from Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, Andrew Francis at Australian Wildlife Conservancy, John Colless at Wetherby, and Councillor Lenore Wyatt from Mareeba Shire Council. This project is funded under the Community Development Program, which is jointly funded under the Commonwealth/State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements.

Fire is part of life in Mareeba Shire. At Mount Molloy, the community works together to be ready for fire. Watch John and Julia Colless, and Bill McKerlie, share their thoughts on how it’s done.

Get involved in the Living With Fire in Mareeba Shire project – contact Jackie McLeod.

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