Gulf turtles need your help

Feral pigs are a menace across large parts of northern Australia, damaging environments and threatening native species. In our region, pigs are a significant threat to freshwater turtles that inhabit our beautiful wetlands. Pigs eat the turtles, and they damage the turtle habitats.

Working with Traditional Owner

Our Turtles in Trouble project aims to help protect turtles and improve habitat health. We’re working closely with Ewamian and Tagalaka Traditional Owners to assess the impact of feral pigs on turtles.

Our team has been on Country at Talaroo and Littleton National Park , in the heart of our region. Freshwater ecologist Jim Tait is helping us assess our wetlands and turtle habitats, to determine where turtles are, how they’re affected by pigs, and what conservationists can do to help.

We’re hoping the information we gather will help us use fences to keep pigs out of turtle habitats and improve the health of the wetlands.

Look out for updates on this important project, and a video showing this beautiful part of our region.

This project is supported by the Wettenhall Environment Trust.

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