Gulf Kids Enviro Day

Thanks to everyone who came to our Gulf Kids Enviro Day at Dimbulah. It was lovely to see so many people at the Town Hall Park in Dimbulah joining our program of fun, family friendly, and environmentally minded activities.

Something for everyone

Chelsea got the day started by showing us how to make beeswax wrap, to learn about lunch and snack packing options that are good for our planet. Vickie and Kath served up yummy yoyanas – colourful, tasty mixes of frozen fruit as sweet snacks that are good for you and the environment. Strawberry-banana was a crowd favourite. The swirly shape inspired a few kids to dub them ‘fruit poos’. Then it was time for the Pest Patrol game, a fun way to learn about invasive species, how they spread, and what we can do to control them.

Finally, we got dirty – with soil! Our Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator, Dan Wingett, led us through soil pH and Nitrogen testing, with fun hands-on activities, and Vickie spoke about worms, and their role in composting and soil health.

Thank you so much to all our demonstrators and participants – we hope you enjoyed the day and learned lots about the environment.

This activity received funding support from the Queensland Government Community Sustainability Action grant program and Northern Queensland Primary Health Network.

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