nrm plan: Water management

Have your say: Planning for water management

Water (surface, ground and marine) is fundamental to life and health. It is a critical resource within the Northern Gulf. We need it for drinking water, for agriculture, for recreation, and for the health and habitat of our native species. Water has a special cultural and spiritual value for Traditional Custodians and First Nations peoples. The availability of water drives and enables economic development and social opportunities.

All industries with the Northern Gulf currently rely (directly or indirectly) on the region’s water supply—mostly rainfall and drawing from surface waters. This demand will likely increase into the future with the potential expansion of agricultural activities, such as in the Gilbert and Mitchell catchments. Water management practices also include the management of coastal and estuarine resources along the Gulf Coast.  

This issue is ranked as a high priority for natural resource management (NRM) across the Northern Gulf region.

NRM Plan: Water management

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