Gulf Futures: Presenting the new NRM Plan

2023–2033 NRM Plan for the Northern Gulf Region Ready to Go!

After 18 months of research, development, consultation, 7,000km of travel, 90+ meetings with more than 200 people, and dozens of cups of tea, the final NRM Plan for our region is now ready. The buy-in, support and feedback from the people that really know about Natural Resource Management (our community, farmers producing our food and fibre, our Traditional Custodians, landcare groups – to mention a few) has been great, and the backbone of the plan development.

This is a Plan for our region. It looks to what issues we have, and what we should do about that to secure a better future for us all. It will guide where we all direct our efforts and resources.

Where is the Northern Gulf Region?

The Northern Gulf Natural Resource Management (NRM) Region stretches from Mareeba in a broad south-western arc across to Karumba on the Gulf, and then up the Cape to Kowanyama, back in another arc to Mareeba. This is about 190,000 km2.

What is an NRM Plan?

The Plan tries to answer what seems like a very simple question – what natural resources do we have (like water, land, soil, minerals, plants, animals) and what’s impacting them? The Plan is for anyone involved with natural resource management in our region.

What do you do with an NRM Plan?

Once we have a broad understanding of what natural resources we have and what’s impacting them, we then try and ask by how much. This gives us the priorities for our region – what work we need to do and when. 

There are four key issues that need to be addressed across our region: feral animals and pests, and the management of water, land and fire. Read the full analysis for the Northern Gulf Region in the new NRM Plan:



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