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Big Data Grazing

FarmMap4D prides itself on providing world-class technology to the grazing rangelands of Australia. What some might not know is that it was born out of the heartland of the Northern Gulf region and the offices of our very own natural resource management group.

Free Disaster Planning

We’re offering free disaster risk planning to extensive grazing properties in Etheridge, Croydon and Carpentaria Shires.

New Associate Directors

Two associate directors have been appointed to Gulf Savannah NRM’s board. Shannon Rae and Donald Murray were welcomed as part of our Emerging Leaders Program.

Turtles in Trouble

Concerns have been raised that feral pigs are behind a decline in the freshwater turtle population of the Gulf. In partnership with Tagalaka Traditional Owners we set out to investigate.

Video: Soil Extension Project

Our soil extension project has been working with grazing, broadacre and horticulture properties in our region to build soil health through sustainable practices.

Building Back Better After Floods

Rodney Ingersoll’s sustainable aquaculture fish farm near Biboohra was devastated by the flooding that followed Cyclone Jasper, but now he’s on a mission to build back better.

Boost Your Digital Skills

We’re delivering a series of free digital skills workshops for residents, businesses and community organisations.

Understanding Soil Tests

Reading soil samples can be complicated, especially with the extra numbers that come from extensive testing packages. Wouldn’t it be nice to understand what all the numbers tell you about your soil?

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